Sain Associates Brand Words: COLLABORATIVE

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Over the last few weeks, our team leaders and principals have explored and discussed our new brand words, trustworthy, experienced and forehanded. This brings us to our fourth and last word, “Collaborative.”

Collaborative — working together toward a common end, characterized or accomplished by cooperation

As we wrap up this series, Jim Meads and Darren Hamrick share their thoughts about why this is such an important word for Sain and what it means to them.

Darren Hamrick – “This word is the foundation for how we execute projects. We collaborate with our clients, our team and with review agencies, which allows us to combine our knowledge and focus a tremendous amount of experience toward making the project successful.We have found great success through “teaming,” which I think most successful firms take advantage of in some way. It’s not necessarily a unique business strategy, but I think that the way we team is unique to us. We are selective about who we team with. We want to team with architects, contractors and developers who understand how a collaborative design team can help them be successful. We understand how to work with a design team to provide plans that are competitive when it comes to construction costs.

Jim Meads – “I was very pleased our team chose this word during our shaping session because I use and preach about it all the time. At Sain Associates we have a lot of collective and diverse experience that we are able to take advantage of for the benefit of our clients. It’s a natural part of our business to talk to each other and communicate. We often ask each other for advice or ask what a co-worker thinks about something we have going on with a project.

This communication through collaboration is so important internally, but it’s equally important externally. The quality of our work is always important, of course, but our ability to communicate and collaborate with clients and those outside of our organization is crucial as well.

When working on certain projects, Sain does something a little unique called “teaming.” This means that on certain projects we actually work with other firms that might sometimes be competitors of ours, but we collaborate for the good of the project and the client. It could be that we have services the other firm does not or they offer an area of expertise we don’t, but when we join our efforts, all parties benefit.

It’s also not uncommon for me to share ideas with other business owners. This week, I’m attending the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Fall Conference in Boston. I’ll go into a room with 50-60 other CEOs from around the country to talk about issues, share ideas and collaborate. I do this at home too at the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) Roundtable, which has been extremely valuable to me as a business owner.

I think collaboration is such an important word because it really speaks to our new tagline, “Engineering Better Partnerships.” Whether it’s internally with our own firm, externally with other business owners and engineering firms or our clients, we want to be a true partner in any way we can.”

Being trustworthy, experienced, forehanded and collaborative are all ways we are able to engineer better partnerships. As we move forward, these four brand words will continue to guide our business and who we are as a firm.

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