In 2017, Sain prepared the Mountain Brook Sidewalk Master Plan under the Regional Planning Commission’s APPLE program. As a part of that plan, Dunbarton Drive was identified as needing sidewalks because it was the missing link to connect existing sidewalks on North Woodridge Road to Locksley Drive. By having this section of the sidewalk, the pedestrian route would connect residential areas to a public transportation bus stop, parks, Jewish community buildings, places of worship, and a commercial area with shops and restaurants. After engaging Mountain Brook residents, the City received favorable input for the sidewalk’s need and decided to progress the project forward. The City submitted this as a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) project and was approved for funding in 2018. Sain is excited to announce the construction of the sidewalk along Dunbarton Drive was completed in July 2020. Sain enjoyed assisting the City of Mountain Brook with planning, surveying, engineering, and CE&I services with this sidewalk addition.

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