Sain Associates is currently in the design process for a 3-series roundabout at the intersections of SR-160, US-31, and I-65 near Hayden, Alabama. The roundabout series will provide much-needed safety improvements to an interchange that has experienced wrong-way movements onto the interstate.

In the concept development and alternative analysis phase of the project, roundabouts at each of the interstate ramps, also known as a dog bone interchange, were determined to provide the greatest safety improvement, while also improving traffic operations. Due to the proximity of the US-31 intersection to the northbound ramps, a 3rd roundabout was proposed to maintain the advantages that roundabouts provide.

The biggest challenge faced in plan development is that the roundabout series is very irregular and non-linear, so a traditional set of roadway plans does not translate directly. We have to think about every detail in a roundabout way.

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