Bonny Oaks Drive

Sain Associates managed field surveys on an 8.5 mile section of Bonny Oaks Drive between State Route 58 and Interstate 75. We provided ground run boundary and topographic surveys to assist in the design and engineering of proposed improvements, that included roundabouts, road widening, intersection signaling and safety improvements throughout the corridor. Survey services included preparing field maps for State and local approval, establishing right-of-ways of roadways and railways, boundary surveys, and topographic locations, 3D Laser Scanning of railway bridge crossings, and utility coordination and locations for design purposes.

The project included three railroad crossings, 41 side street crossings, two bridge crossings, three cemeteries and two public parks. Bonny Oaks Drive along with side streets ranged from a two lane roadway to areas where the roadway consisted of 5 lanes. Property lines of 324 parcels, including residential, industrial and commercial parcels ranging from 1 acre to 150 acres, were established during the project. Utility coordination with 15 individual utility companies, obtaining maps, requesting locate tickets and verifying locations of utilities were correct, was a daily task during the project.

We used a Leica P20 Scan Station to collect 3D scan data in areas along Bonny Oaks Drive to reduce the amount of time field crews were in or near busy intersections.