Prattville Industrial Park Tenant

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By: Jim and Joe Meads

Sain Associates has been involved in Prattville South Industrial Park, owned by the city of Prattville, since the late 1990s as the park’s engineering firm. That means we’re often called in to come help answer questions that potential tenants may have regarding the park and the logistics of executing what the tenant may need. Due to the sensitive nature of some of these potential deals that the city is coordinating, we sometimes don’t know who the tenant is, and economic development officials use codenames. Recently, we worked with the City on project, “Black Dog” and were so excited to learn that deal had gone through.

James Hardie, a building materials manufacturer, announced on May 18th that they will be building a $220 million manufacturing plant in the Prattville South Industrial Park with construction set to begin this fall. Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, announced that more than 200 jobs will result from the plant.

While James Hardie had been looking for a site for roughly three or four years, we were only involved in the last three or four months. The company was looking at the 300-acre industrial park, but they only needed a 100-acre site. We were involved in helping them find the right portion of land within the park to build their plant. A key component of the company’s decision to relocate within this park was the decision of the City of Prattville and Autauga County to join together to fund design and construction of a mile-long roadway and bridge project from Hwy. 82 to county road 4 inside the park. This new roadway project will provide greater access to the new site and help them efficiently transport freight both into the park and out of it. There is a need for more industrial access with this project and we’ve offered assistance to the city of Prattville on how to provide it.

“It is not uncommon for myself and my team to call Sain at the last minute about a project,” said Amy Brabham, the economic development director for the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s just the nature of economic development. They’ve never failed us on coming through on a tight deadline of 48, 24, or even 12 hours.”

We’re very proud of our involvement in this project, even though most of it was behind the scenes. Sain Associates is committed to the city of Prattville, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this growing area of our state.


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