The Power of a “Work Family”

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sain-family-blog-collagePosted by Julie Conn, Executive Assistant

We’re all familiar with the expectation to not let our personal lives affect our work, but it’s not always a realistic or reasonable one.

From an employee’s perspective, as best as they might try to not let their personal issues affect their work, certain circumstances might make this an almost impossible task. Employees want to know their employer cares about their opinions and concerns and oftentimes those concerns are outside of the job yet can have an effect on performance or attitude.

For the employer, creating an atmosphere of compassion and understanding while maintaining professional boundaries is often a difficult thing to do. Here at Sain our leaders seem to have a natural ability to do that very thing.

Showing gratitude and appreciation for the efforts that employees contribute to the company builds on a successful partnership. Here at Sain our leaders set an example that everyone seems to follow as there is no shortage of appreciation between all levels of management. Simply put, saying “please” and “thank you” go a long way in any relationship.

From celebrating your birthday, your “Sainiversary”, to planning Wedding Showers or Baby Showers our leaders demonstrate their genuine appreciation for their employees. They show empathy when they check in when they see you’ve been out sick, send flowers when you’ve lost a loved one, and sit beside your hospital bed to keep you company. These are powerful actions that make employees feel supported and I believe they are key contributors to the family culture we have here at Sain.

Our executives have created a productive and pleasant work environment truly assisting employees in balancing work and family life which in turn promotes a loyal workforce. Work-from-home options, flexibility in schedules, and improved technology to support us when we have to be out of the office are all examples of solutions we have been provided to help balance work and family life. Research proves that an employee who respects their employer and feels supported in more than their work life is more likely to over-achieve in their designated duties and demonstrate great loyalty to the company. Sain is a great example of this considering 28% of our staff has been here 20 years or more.

All the research and statistics lead to the same conclusion, ‘A happy workforce is a productive workforce’.

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