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You may have seen pictures and posts on Facebook over the weekend as many people participated in and watched the Mercedes Marathon events. It’s a big event for the state, and we were thrilled to have two of our employees, Matt Lackey and Dan Mellott, complete the half-marathon.

In fact, we have a few runners at Sain Associates, and it’s a hobby that seems to serve them well.

Dan started running about 4.5 years ago with an initial goal to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. His older sister served as inspiration since she had been running in races for years.

In the beginning, it was helpful for Dan to have a specific goal, so he set his sights on running a half marathon. Not only did he accomplish that first goal but he has completed several other half marathons in the following years. This is partly because, like so many others, he became addicted to running. It became about more than just losing weight. It became a time to do something just for himself without worrying about anything, including work.

Dan loves to run first thing in the morning, so while he doesn’t worry about work on his runs, it helps prepare him for the day to come. It wakes him up in every aspect, mentally and physically. That way when he does step into the office, he’s ready to hit the ground running with work.

And running is a lot like working. You set goals and do your best to reach them. You discipline yourself to get tasks done even when they are challenging. You have to have determination to finish what you start.

Although Jeff Stephenson didn’t run in any of the Mercedes events, he and his wife Jamie did run at Disney World in January. Running the half marathon was Jeff’s first race after getting into running about a year ago. His wife was his inspiration, since she’d been running for years and recently joined a local running group. At Disney World, she actually ran in the half marathon, then she ran the full marathon the very next day!

The health benefits have been a good thing for Jeff as well, but it’s also been a confidence builder. When you’ve gone your entire life thinking you weren’t cut out for running, then you successfully complete a half marathon, it’s a big deal.

Running has also provided some important lessons about patience in everyday life and at work. Running a half marathon isn’t something you can just magically do over night — not even at Disney World! You have to train and go through the proper process, just like you do with many professional projects.

While Jeff and his wife may run in other races throughout the year, their main goal is to run again during the Disney World marathon weekend in January 2015. And they won’t just be doing the half marathon and full marathon. They both plan to run in all four consecutive races involved in the event – a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon.

Dan will be running his first full marathon in November.

We are proud of our runners at Sain and all of our employees who set personal goals and work to achieve them.

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    Thanks for inspiring me to try again.


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