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Site Planning and Visualization using GIS

Dan Mellott, GISP, grew up in Pennsylvania with dreams of becoming an architect. Military ties brought him South, and he ended up in school for computer science. Soon after that, he discovered that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was the perfect marriage of these two worlds. He’s been at it for about 24 years since.

This experience is part of the reason we’re so excited to add Dan to our team, as he has just become our GIS Manager.

GIS involves computer software that maps and analyzes geographical data. The service will complement all the engineering work we already do since it will be able to help support the transportation, site and survey departments while also standing alone as a unique service.

Dan has implemented GIS mapping systems for Air Force and Naval Bases, city and county governments and utilities of all kinds including water, wastewater, storm, electric, gas and communication utilities.

Our department will also address specific GIS solutions such as Asset Management, Facilities Management, Cemetery Management, Document Management and Work Order Management.

Dan loves keeping up with all the latest and greatest GIS technology. At the end of this month, he will travel to an International User Conference to learn about the latest software and trends. With over 10,000 people in attendance at the conference who are all talking GIS, there’s bound to be a wealth of valuable information for him to bring back to Sain.

When he’s not working or attending conferences, Dan loves to run. He’s completed several half marathons and is currently training for another one in Talledega this fall. He also spends a lot of time going to church and hanging out with his wife and two daughters who are 15 and almost 20.

Welcome aboard, Dan. We’re glad to have you!

To learn more about GIS and Sain’s offerings, click here to see a slideshow by Dan.


  1. Bryan Price
    July 17, 2012

    I am glad to see Dan Melott onboard with Sain, I have been a customer of his for 5-7 years and want you to know that his GIS capibilities and analytical skills are outstanding. He has such a grasp of emplimenting GIS to complex queries and being able to produce visual answers to questions. Good luck Dan

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