Meet Sain’s Newest Hires: Part 2 of 2

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NCurrieIn this two-part blog, we are excited to introduce you to two new engineers who have recently joined our firm.

Sain Associates Welcomes Nathan Currie as Project Manager

Sain Associates is proud to welcome Nathan Currie as Project Manager in our Infrastructure Department. In his new position Nathan will be responsible for serving municipal clients and working with ALDOT on a variety of project types. As a project manager, he will manage the day-to-day project design, while also ensuring projects are completed on schedule and within budget for our clients.

Nathan is originally from Clayton, AL, a small town near Eufaula. He lived there until leaving to attend college at Auburn University, where he pursued a degree in civil engineering with a minor in business.  In summarizing what originally interested him in civil engineering, Nathan stated, “It was a combination of a general interest in the field along with my talents in math and science.  It seemed like a good fit.  I like the challenge of solving problems.  And with civil engineering you get to see what you have constructed—what your hands are building. I enjoy that part of it.” Nathan also said, “I like the outdoors and civil engineering seemed to combine the engineering side with the outdoor experience too.”

Upon receiving his degree in civil engineering, Nathan spent a couple of years with a mission organization before getting back into the engineering world.

Nathan brings a variety of experience to Sain, having worked in other states and with different processes. Previously in Atlanta, he worked on a lot of projects that involved pedestrian and bicycle accommodations including trail projects, urban roadway design projects, and some roundabouts.

Currently Nathan is working on a couple of projects in Elmore County.  Beyond that, he will have the opportunity to be involved in the development of some of our ADA transition plans.

Nathan told us why he desired to be a part of the Sain team, stating, “Sain was really desirable because of its reputation, the size of the firm, and the variety of the services offered.  It’s location in Birmingham was perfect for my wife and I, since we want to relocate to a place much closer to our family.”

About Nathan: He and his wife, Kim, have two little girls—twin four-year old daughters, Abbie and Evie (Abigail and Evelyn); so that occupies most of his time.  His family is here in Alabama and his hobbies include anything that gets him outside including but not limited to biking, hiking and climbing.  Nathan also really loves to travel.

Fun Fact: Nathan lived overseas for a couple of years between college and starting work in Atlanta.  He enjoys different cultures and people, and believes spending time in a different culture is always a healthy way to gain a good perspective on life and your circumstances.

Please join us in welcoming Nathan to the Sain team!


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