Meet Our New Hires: David and Weston

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We’re proud to announce that the Sain family is growing… by two! We recently hired two new employees, David Coggin and Weston Glover, to join our team. We’re so proud of the potential that these guys have that we couldn’t wait for you all to meet them!

Meet David Coggin

David Coggin, a native of Birmingham, has joined the Sain team as a Traffic Designer which means that he works on everything from signal layout designs and safety studies to preparing traffic simulations using traffic analysis and optimization software, such as Synchro. David says that he first learned about Sain Associates when he met Erin Curry, Infrastructure Project Manager, and Jennifer Brown, Traffic Team Project Manager, at a site visit while he was interning last summer with the Strategic Transportation Investments division of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Thus far, David has spent a lot of time getting up to speed by working on understanding the project process and details from the perspective of the consultant. He said, “Every institution has their own way of doing things, and tailoring my work to accommodate the ALDOT standards and formatting will definitely take more experience. I’m very appreciative of how patient and knowledgeable my coworkers have been with my questions about these type things!”

When he’s not at work building a network of roads to model a traffic issue using simulation software, David is probably cheering on the Crimson Tide! He attended The University of Alabama and majored in civil engineering while “getting an unofficial minor in national championships.” That being said, David’s favorite sport is actually soccer: “I definitely wanted to be a soccer player when I was growing up. I idolized Thierry Henry back when he played for my favorite team, the Arsenal Football Club (English Premier League team). I grew up playing soccer competitively, and that was pretty much my whole life until a series of muscle injuries hit before college. I was pretty talented so that changed the course of my life, but I’m very thankful for everything that led me to where I am today and I know that God’s plan is better than anything I can manufacture for myself.” He was even able to visit the Emirates Stadium in August of 2014 to watch Arsenal play while he was visiting London!

David has high hopes for himself and for civil engineering as an industry. He said, “I’d love to see the industry continue to step forward in terms of sustainable solutions to traffic and other transportation issues. Many times the easy route to solving a problem just turns out to be a quick fix, but I’d love to prioritize other forms of transportation besides personal vehicles and a focus on optimizing our current assets. Lots of people want to build more lanes, but that can only get you to a certain point in terms of solving problems. I want to see us go further than that here in Alabama and beyond.”

We can’t wait to see what David will accomplish in his role here at Sain. Welcome to the team, David!

Meet Weston Glover

Weston Glover, a recent graduate of Auburn University, has joined the Sain family as an Infrastructure Designer. Thus far, Weston has spent a lot of time learning about different types of software such as Microstation, a CAD software product for two and three dimensional design and drafting. He says that one of the most fulfilling aspects of his new role is simply being able to put his degree to work.

When asked what his favorite part about Sain has been, Weston said, “The people are amazing. They have been very welcoming and helpful.”

Weston, who once wanted to grow up to be a superhero, now aspires to attaining his Professional Engineering license. Though in his spare time, this movie buff is probably watching movies or cheering, “War Eagle!” at an Auburn football game. Weston also loves the outdoors and going snow skiing, camping/hiking, traveling and golf.

Welcome to the team, Weston!

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