Matt Hardegree: Intern Spotlight

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The world looks different today than it did yesterday. As we face the unknown of the coronavirus, Sain Associates will continue to bring weekly content to the blog. We find comfort in providing uplifting news but also bringing a sense of routine while we navigate through this fluid environment. 

Say hello to our CE&I intern, Matt. Between his can-do attitude and passion for learning more, we’ve been impressed with Matt, to say the least. Matt is a graduate student at Auburn University and is pursuing a master’s degree in community planning. We took a moment to ask Matt about his time so far at Sain and were happy to hear how much he is enjoying his work with us. Below is Matt’s take on what it’s like to intern at Sain.

Why did you want to intern at Sain?

Sain provided me an opportunity to intern close to home and experience a different side of an industry relating to my master’s program.  It has been refreshing to find an internship with a private company since many opportunities related to community planning are focused more on the public sector.

What lessons have you learned so far during your internship?

I have learned a lot about working independently in the field and using time management techniques to optimize my workload.

What are your plans and/or goals after interning at Sain?

I intend to finish my master’s degree at Auburn and find a job after graduation.  I would love to pursue a career with Sain as it is a great company and would allow me the opportunity to stay close to home.

What advice do you have for prospective interns?

I encourage future interns to consider working for Sain as it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me.

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