Mandeville Branch Update

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By: Diane Hammonds, PE, PTOE

As the Louisiana Branch Office of Sain Associates enters its 10th year in 2019, I thought it would be good to celebrate some of our successes, challenges, and things I have learned over the years!   I moved back home to Louisiana in 2009 to open the Branch Office for Sain Associates, a company I had been working for at the time for about six years.  It was just me!  We rented space in a lovely shared office building with a receptionist and a shared conference room.  The receptionist was always so kind and helpful and would assist in small tasks if needed (making copies or sending faxes).  I discovered then how much the administrative folks in offices are indeed the lifeblood of offices making sure everything happens and stays on track.  I remember the excitement of starting the office here and being truly grateful for the opportunity to return home!

In 2013 we added a staff person, I was very excited as this no longer meant it was just me.  There was an ongoing joke in the early years that I should check with my “team” which included well… me!  This joke was no longer valid.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  As the new hire adjusted to working in a small office, I was adjusting to not being solo in my space anymore.  We navigated the changes well and adjusted to our new normal.  In 2015 we moved offices to an independent space.  We no longer had a shared receptionist and conference room. Gone were the days of running into other folks in the halls or convening around the office coffee pot.

Being small means that we are efficient, we have to be.  It also means that when you call our office one of us will answer. If you stop by for a visit, I may be organizing the supply shelf that I messed up in a hurry to get something down from it the day before or sorting through mail.  I didn’t realize how many spam calls one can receive in a day – my high is 17 so far!  It requires multi-tasking abilities and the ability to troubleshoot things on our own (I am now a pro at unjamming the copy machine or resolving the dreaded “replace toner waste container” message!).  It is knowing when to call in reinforcements when they are needed. I am proud to say I have an amazing support staff housed remotely that is very attentive to the needs of the Branch Office. 

I have realized that I am truly blessed to be afforded the opportunity to manage this small office and provide the resources and support needed to run it. I often say that I love to visit the “Big” office, but I am so glad to come back home!

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