Making Connections Through Golf

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Left to right: Friend, Jerry Cross; Joe Meads; Laura Beth and Laura Beth’s dad, Bill Pockstaller

Golf isn’t typically known as a nine year old’s game, but that’s the age I was when my dad got me my first set of golf clubs and started teaching me how to play.

I loved the game and the time spent with my dad, Bill Pockstaller, who works in the Environmental Department at Alabama Power. Although my dad enjoyed golf primarily as a hobby, he was sometimes on the course in conjunction with his job, so I was exposed at a young age to many new people and the idea of networking.

We were often paired up with people we didn’t know. I didn’t always like it when I was younger, but as I got older it helped me come out of my shell. I talked to people I had never met before and got to know them.

That’s really important in the business world and at Sain Associates. We are always meeting new people and networking in situations that might lead to business opportunities for Sain.

Sain Principal and Owner, Joe Meads, is also a golfer, and he and I have had opportunities to play together. He’s gotten me involved in playing in tournaments with him, which has really exposed me to new networking and business opportunities. I love teaming up with Joe and having the chance to contribute to the company in this way.

In golf and in my job, I’m always thinking about strategy. You can’t get ahead of yourself, but you have to manage the course, which is like managing your time at work. It’s important to have a strategy in mind and an end goal you’re working toward. At work it’s important not to get caught up on one mistake or set back, just like you can’t let one bad shot or a bad hole throw off your whole game.

I still play golf with my dad as much as possible, whether it’s on the weekends or after work when the weather is nice. Joe and I will be playing in a tournament in May; I’m playing in two women’s amateur tournaments later in the summer and planning to participate in several charity tournaments throughout the year.

While I love the opportunities golfing has opened up professionally, for me, it always goes back to being thankful that my dad taught me how to play the game at such a young age. I realize that many fathers and daughters don’t always have a lot in common, but this is an activity we both truly love and can continue to enjoy together for years to come.

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