Leadership St. Clair County (LSCC)

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By: Jennifer Brown, P.E., Project Manager

Shortly after we got married, my husband and I moved to Springville, AL. As a relatively new resident of St. Clair County, I came across an interesting article in the St. Clair Times. The article was highlighting the 2016 graduating class of “Leadership St. Clair County”, a local program designed to develop a leadership network across the county and to educate those leaders on issues the county is facing. At the time I was looking for opportunities to get involved, and this one sparked my interest. So I reached out to an LSCC board member and asked if there might be room for me to join the new class. Now, just short of a year later, I graduated the LSCC program on May 16, 2017!

In August of 2016, I completed an application for the LSCC that included my thoughts on current issues and challenges that our county is facing, a list of my current community service activities, work experience and an essay. Once my application was submitted, I waited about a month to learn that I had been accepted into the program. I was really excited to get things started!

The LSCC program is sponsored by the St. Clair County Economic Development Council and runs parallel to the school year: it starts with a group retreat in September and ends with graduation in May. We met for an entire day once a month, except for the month of December. Each day of class was focused on a different topic:

  • Government
  • Safety
  • Justice
  • Quality of Life
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Legislation

As a group, we traveled all across the county and got to see first-hand examples of the topics we were discussing. For example, our class learned that everything from tomato farming on Chandler Mountain to the Red Diamond facility in Moody directly contributes to the county’s economic health and development. The county is growing and there are a lot of exciting things happening there; I want to continue to be a part of it all.

Each year the LSCC class is responsible for developing and carrying out a class project. Our class decided that the best way to foster a culture of leadership in St. Clair County was to establish a scholarship, the “Leadership St. Clair County Legacy of Leadership Scholarship.” The scholarship provides full 2-year tuition to Jefferson State Community College in Pell City. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must be a graduating senior, live in St. Clair County, have high academic achievement and exhibit leadership qualities. In addition to the tuition, the recipient will also participate in the upcoming LSCC class. This year’s recipient was DJ Matthews, a senior at Pell City High School. The scholarship has a permanent status and will be something all future LSCC classes will be able to present to a deserving student.

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed LSCC. I think if you are a leader, desire to be a leader or to be involved in St. Clair County, you should do everything you can to participate.


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