Interning at Sain: Melody Hunter

My name is Melody Hunter and I have been working at Sain for about 2 years, and I love it. It’s great that I am doing what a college intern would be doing while I’m still in high school.

I have learned many skills while working here especially teamwork in a work environment. At Sain there are different departments that must work together on one plan. They will go to each other and ask for tips and help if needed, and they work very well together from what I have seen. Everyone knows everyone, and their doors are always open to each other. They really seem like a work family. You want a team that you know will have your back and that you can depend on to do their part.

This job has taught me real life skills that have helped me become a better student. I have learned organization skills and how to prioritize tasks. I really love my job and hope that I can continue to work here next year.

My school, Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School, wasn’t always named that. It used to be “Holy Family Catholic School” until it joined the Christo Rey program and was renamed. The Cristo Rey program is a program where 5 days out of every month everyone goes to a job. Every Tuesday and the first Monday of the month seniors go to work; every Wednesday and the second Monday of the month juniors go to work. Every Thursday and the third Monday of the month sophomores go to work, and every Friday and fourth Monday of the month freshman go to work. This helps students get a chance at experiencing real life and work in a field that is close to what they want to do in their future career.

At Sain I do a variety of things. I am like a real employee, which I love. Instead of getting “busy” work, I do work that contributes to the company. I will go over plans and put them in files. I will also go to meetings with them and go on site visits. They treat me like a real employee.

Since I want to be an engineer when I get older, working with engineers now helps me understand and get a feel for civil engineering. For now, I’m planning to be a mechanical engineer because I love to imagine and build things, and the environment at Sain will help me prepare for the future when I get into a mechanical engineering space.

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