How Adoption Blessed My Family

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Although my daughter Chloe wasn’t born to my wife Lynette and I biologically, there’s no doubt that God planned for her to be our daughter.  We believe that all things work together for the good of those that love God, and while the process of having a child was very long and painful, it just made us appreciate our baby girl that much more.

The process began for us in 1996: infertility struggles, fertility medicines, and miscarriages. We did everything you can do and had no success.  We saw multiple doctors and tried many different medicines, from holistic to hormones to daily fertility shots and In Vitro fertilization (twice).  It was a really difficult time, especially for Lynette, and we wondered and questioned what God had planned for our family.

As I think back at all of the uncertainty of knowing what to do, I can’t help but smile.  Because it was all worth it.  We kept saying that God had a plan for us… and He did!

After about 6 years of the roller coaster ride through infertility, we contacted Lifeline Children’s Services, an organization that was affiliated with Sav-A-Life.  The adoption process itself took 4 more years, and on a Thursday night in November of 2006, we got the call.  What a joyous time that was!  Our baby girl, Chloe, had been born!

You can imagine how crazy it was. We got the call that Thursday evening and took Chloe home on Monday morning.  That weekend was crazy and filled with anticipation!  We had so much to do to prepare for Chloe.  We already had a nursery ready (in hopes for the call), but we still had to run to Babies-R-Us and get everything we needed to actually care for a baby.

It was a very special, life-changing experience to walk in and see that sweet baby in a crib and know she was mine.  We had so many people waiting outside, like our parents and extended family, and there were tears all over the place. Everyone was just so thrilled because they had been praying with us for so long. And for Lynette and myself, we had wanted this baby for so long.  We can surely tell Chloe no child was ever wanted more than she was.

For anyone who is considering adoption or going through the process now, don’t get discouraged. It can be a long, hard process. We found it helpful to stay in touch with the case worker at our adoption agency. You can contact them to ask regularly if anyone has shown interest or what progress has been made. Remember that international adoptions can sometimes happen a little more quickly than domestic adoptions, but for us, the timing was perfect and we found our daughter more close to home.

Chloe is now starting first grade and will be seven in November. We are so thankful for her. We believe that due to the miscarriages, she is going to have lots of brothers and sisters in Heaven one day, but God chose her to be ours here on Earth, and there is no question at all of that.  We are so blessed by what she has brought to our family.

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