Great Clients Make Great Partners

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One of the most rewarding aspects of our consulting practice is the chance to work with clients who are on a mission to achieve great things for the public good.  Sain was recently re-selected to provide continuing transportation planning services to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

We feel so blessed to have the chance to continue working with TDOT as an extension of their Project Planning staff.  Their track record of conducting safety studies and delivering safety improvement projects reflects a deep commitment to reducing crashes and saving lives.

An example of TDOT’s commitment to safety can be seen in their Intersection Action Plan (IAP) project.   In a pilot effort conducted in 2011, TDOT studied almost 100 intersections for low cost safety improvements.  The pilot project produced a fine-tuned process that in 2013 will yield safety studies of nearly 1500 intersections!  Sain was one of two consulting firms that helped TDOT conduct the IAP pilot project and follow up studies.

TDOT’s efficient project delivery is the envy of other states that on average may study 30-40 intersections per year.  At a recent “Highway Safety Engineering Peer Exchange”, TDOT was openly praised for their leadership in safety programming.

TDOT’s on-call planning services contract includes a range of assignment types beyond safety work.  Other services may include needs assessments, multimodal transportation planning reports, context sensitive design reports, and traffic operational studies.  Whatever the type of work, it is always a pleasure for us to work with a client that is committed to excellence and cost effective results.

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