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A Geographic Information System (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, interpret and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends. These services perfectly complement Sain’s other areas of engineering expertise.

Sain Associates offers a full range of GIS services to develop and implement user-friendly and cost-effective enterprise systems tailored to the individual needs of each client. We take the project all the way from project planning and development to system implementation and maintenance. Our technical staff has more than 20 years of GIS experience and knowledge and can guide a client along the path to developing a successful system.

Sain has just launched a new program called GIS Quick Start. It is a way for smaller organizations to get access to GIS technology at a reasonably low cost. Traditionally, software can be very expensive, making it difficult for smaller organizations with limited budgets to use the product. The goal is to try to build an interest or reach out to a market of smaller organizations to give them the opportunity to use those services.

GIS Quick Start works by taking whatever mapping information the client currently has and converting as much of it into usable GIS data that’s important to them, and then put it into a format where they can access it via a web map interface.

GIS is important because it gives people a spatial perspective of information. Take for instance a company that has a work order system to send people out to do road work or utility maintenance, etc. Being able to associate that external information to a map— this allows you to do so much more in terms of understanding problems or resolving issues. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

At Sain we offer a lot of capabilities under the GIS umbrella. From total GIS implementation, data conversion, systems setup, installations, upgrades, training, anything directly related, or anything that’s out of the box, we can offer expertise in those areas. The idea of the Quick Start is to open up interest and introduce people to GIS so that they can begin to understand the value of what GIS can do for them.

Overall, GIS has come a long way since the days of mini computers and cost prohibitiveness. The technology itself can run on pretty much any common PC. The biggest evolution is with wireless technology, web interfacing, the cloud, etc. Having access to this information through phones, tablets and other devices that people already have in hand is key. The hardware is already out there and the system can run on all those different platforms now. It’s more a matter of proliferating the technology to let people see how accessible it can be.

I encourage readers to check out our services and specifically the GIS Quick Start program to get more information.

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