Getting Creative to Handle Increased Storm Water Regulations

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When we start talking about storm water run-off and related regulations, most people’s eyes glaze over pretty quickly. But it’s an area of expertise for Sain Associates, and one that’s important in our Site Engineering division.

There were increased storm water regulations included in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which have affected how we design. These regulations are now written into most of the government projects we do.

In the past, when we developed a site, it was required that the peak amount of storm water run-off, or the rate at which the water leaves the site, could not be more than the pre-development flow rate. This often meant designing a large pond to temporarily hold water and discharge it slowly.

The new regulations are more stringent. Not only do they require that the peak flow match the pre-development rate, but also require that you not discharge more volume of water than what previously discharged before development occurred.

This requirement is unique and definitely makes the site design more difficult. We are faced with the challenge of finding ways to reuse the storm water on-site or infiltrate it into the ground. Complying with these regulations has required us to get creative in coming up with innovative solutions, and we are enjoying the challenge.

Our clients may not always understand exactly what we’re doing or how we’re doing it, but they know they can depend on us when it comes to these technical civil engineering issues.

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