Employee Spotlight: Vann Rutledge

WithVann Rutledge our recent news and exciting company announcement, we wanted to take a moment and shine the spotlight on our two new shareholders – Vann Rutledge and Becky White. Both have extensive tenure with the firm and serve on Sain’s Executive Committee, which allowed for a natural progression to shareholder. But, for example, did you know that Vann’s biggest role model is his father?

Read on for more details about Vann Rutledge, Sain Associates’ Chief Financial Officer/Owner.

Formerly Vice President/Controller, Vann has spearheaded the efforts to update the firm’s accounting and IT systems throughout his tenure, resulting in a more profitable and integrated workforce.

He was led to Sain when his sister mentioned to friends at church, which included Joe Meads, that her brother was looking for an accounting job in Birmingham.  Vann was living in Madison at the time, but his girlfriend (now wife) lived in the Birmingham area. A connection was made, and Vann sent Joe his resume that evening.  Three weeks later he moved to Birmingham to begin his career at Sain.

When asked about his biggest role model, Vann did not hesitate-his dad. “Everyone has a father, but I have a dad. He has always been a great example of working hard and taking care of our family, which he learned from his dad….It’s amazing how many times I think about lessons learned from watching him over the years now that I have a career and family of my own.”

Described as detailed and affable, Vann has worked in the accounting field for over 24 years with external clients and managed corporate financial operations. His specialties include corporate accounting, financial analysis, FAR audits, IT Management, database design and software implementation.

Vann says the best advice he ever received came when he was a NASA graduate co-op at Marshal Space Flight Center. “The department head said that during my career I would be asked to work with many different people with a variety of personalities, that may be having a good or bad day.  The challenge is to have a good attitude and find a way to work ‘with’ them to get the job done.” This piece of advice has stuck with Vann throughout his career.

If Vann ever finds himself with spare time, he loves to watch old western and war films—anything featuring John Wayne is at the top of his list.

Stay tuned for next week’s spotlight on Becky White, Sain Associates’ Principal/Owner.

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