Disney Magic Event

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Posted by Nathan Currie

A few Sain employees recently had the opportunity to attend an exciting event presented by the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce. “Put a Little Disney Magic in your Organization” featured professional speaker and trainer Pete Blank, a former Disney University leader. Speaking from his experience at Disney, Pete shared insight into the foundational elements that allow Disney to provide such outstanding customer service. 

Aside from having an opportunity to recall our favorite Disney memories, you’re probably wondering how engineers could stand to benefit from a few hours of hearing what goes on behind the scenes at Disney. We were pleasantly surprised to find that many of the challenges and solutions which Disney has implemented do transfer well to other organizations (such as us) which are focused on serving people.Disney magic

Here are a few of the takeaways from the training, which also focused on leadership development:

  • Why is it that Disney has some of the happiest customers in the world? There are 3 C’s which keep Disney’s customers coming back: Consistency, Connections, and Creativity.
  • Disney’s focus on hiring is to “hire for attitude and train for skill.”
  • It’s essential that all employees feel they are a significant part of their company and that their contributions make a difference.
  • Excellent, engaged leaders are a must-have if you’re going to create the environment described above.
  • Consider your attitude and how it affects your customer service. Don’t let your bad day influence the way you respond to your customers.
  • Research shows that the 4 most common characteristics of admired leaders are the following: Honest, Forward-Looking, Competent, and Inspiring


Although we see each of you as more of a partner than a customer, we do desire to provide excellent service on all the challenging projects we face. As a result, I hope you’ll continue to see more of these qualities shining through in the services that we provide.

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