Being Present with Employees During Good Times and Bad

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jim and laurenWhile there may be some companies and bosses who choose to take a more hands off approach when it comes to being a part of their employees’ lives, that’s not our philosophy at Sain Associates.

Saying that you care is one thing, but actually doing something to show you care is another story. It may sound basic, but we consider being there for people to be a real leadership quality, and it’s part of our company culture.

Whether it’s joyful events, such as weddings or the birth of a child, or those full of sorrow like a death in the family or illness, we truly care about our employees and want to be present with them during these times.

Sometimes we are invited to these events, like attending a wedding, which we’ve done many times. Other times we feel we need to reach out. A good example of this is the Trent Holt 5K that honors the life of the son of our Tennessee Branch Manager, Richard Holt. We have both attended the 5K to show our support. In cases like this, we’re not asked to attend, but we choose to go. When we are at these events, it’s not always about what we say or what we do, it’s just about being there.

Another one of our employees, Lauren Nickles, is battling cancer for a second time and undergoing long days of treatment. We have taken time to go sit with her during treatments, as have many of our staff members.

Really, it’s often a team effort. We try to set the example, and our staff does a wonderful job supporting each other in their own ways. In Lauren’s case, much of our staff has been involved in wearing colored ribbons to show support during her weeks of chemotherapy treatment and providing meals to her family.

We love this camaraderie of our staff and couldn’t imagine Sain Associates being any other way. If you’re close to your employees and have a personal relationship, it’s more than just business. We want to create an environment that makes people want to work here for a long time. We want everyone to genuinely enjoy and support each other.

We have few opportunities in life to show others how much they mean to us, and we try to take every one we get.

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