Back in the Classroom with Inverness Elementary

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Author: Nathan Currie, P.E.

For most of us, now that summer has passed and school is back in session, we’ve settled back into our usual fall routines, whether it be football, escaping outside to enjoy the fall weather or getting ahead at the office in preparation for the end of the year. For a few of us at Sain, those fall routines also include getting back in the classroom every now and then.

As we’ve previously posted on the blog, every Wednesday a couple of Sain volunteers spend a lunch break connecting with elementary kids and introducing them to the world of engineering. Initiated by our very own Matt Stoops, we’re thankful to have the opportunity to make the short trip down US-280 to Inverness Elementary to find Ms. Taylor’s 3rd grade class. They’ve graciously welcomed us for the past 2 years now, and Ms. Taylor does an outstanding job of finding ways to get us plugged into the classroom by teaching and helping the students with their studies.

I, along with Matt Stoops, Alicia Bailey, Tony Montanaro, and Darren Hamrick, will be visiting the class every couple of weeks this year. Although I did visit a few times last year, I’m excited about spending more time there this year in hopes that I’ll get to know the kids better, encourage them in their studies, and help them to see the value of their education. It’s rewarding to give a small bit of my time each week to invest in the lives of these children, and it’s clear that even this little bit of time is having an impact. Hopefully some of them will even find a career in engineering down the road too!

But it’s not as if I’m only giving, because there’s so much that we receive in return. These students are an encouragement to me each time I attend. I’m amazed at how sharp they are…as demonstrated by their class projects and competitions and how well they interact and communicate with their guests. They’re far more creative than I was at that age, and they’re so eager to ask questions and understand new ideas. Best of all they always greet us with a smile!

And I can’t say enough about Ms. Taylor! She does an outstanding job keeping the class attentive, organized, and under control, and the kids really do love her. I’m sure it’s not easy to involve adults in a class of kids each week, but she always has a great plan so that our time is well used and beneficial to us and the students.

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