What I Wish I Had Known

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What I Wish I Had Known

For her first college essay, my daughter, Lindsey Meads, was asked to do a career exploration, and she decided to ask me a few questions. I wanted to share them here, because this advice applies to many of us, no matter where we are at this point in our career. It meant a lot to me that Lindsey chose me to help with her paper, and I found her closing paragraph touching.

Attributes of a Dream Client

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For several years, we’ve spent time thinking about and studying what our dream client looks like. To us, this is a marketing strategy that helps us identify the best things about clients so we can search for more people just like them. We have several great, long-standing, very successful relationships with clients, and the more partnerships like this that we can build, the better.

Looking At the Year Ahead

As we mentioned in our last blog post, Looking Back at 2014, many of us feel like the economy is improving. This is great news, although things certainly are not booming yet. Unfortunately, the impression I’ve gotten from talking to those we work with in other states is that Alabama may be a little behind, but even here, we’ve seen improvement, and I think that will continue as we go through 2015.

Being Present with Employees During Good Times and Bad

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Being Present with Employees During Good Times and Bad

While there may be some companies and bosses who choose to take a more hands off approach when it comes to being a part of their employees’ lives, that’s not our philosophy at Sain Associates.

Why Marketing Isn’t Just My Job

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My philosophy is that people want to do business with people they know and like. This is why it’s so important for not only me, but every employee in our firm, to take on a role of marketing within the company.

Civil Engineers Helping Impact the Economy

The JeffMet industrial parks that Sain Associates has been involved in developing since 1997 have recently been said to be responsible for $790 million in economic output for Jefferson County.

Joe Meads’ Marketing Philosophy

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While I’ve been managing projects at Sain Associates for more than 25 years, I’ve also led our marketing and business development efforts for about 16 years. I love the marketing side of my job, because I enjoy building relationships, talking with people and helping people however I can.

What We Expect in 2013

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What We Expect in 2013

As you hopefully read in our Sain Strategic Planning blog post last week, a huge part of our planning involves interviewing about 50 clients and individuals in our network every year. We try our best to get a cross section of the industry and hear from people in all the markets we work in, such as the public, private and government sectors.

Why Fishing is Good for the Soul

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Why Fishing is Good for the Soul

Most people who know my brother Jim and myself think of us in our business attire, doing work for Sain Associates. We love this work, and pretty much the only time we get away from it is when we go fishing.

Sain Associates doing site engineering for new ThyssenKrupp facility

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Sain Associates was busy this summer working on two large site engineering projects – Von Braun IV at Redstone Arsenal and what was called “Project Deepsouth” until a couple of weeks ago.