Attributes of a Dream Client

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For several years, we’ve spent time thinking about and studying what our dream client looks like. To us, this is a marketing strategy that helps us identify the best things about clients so we can search for more people just like them. We have several great, long-standing, very successful relationships with clients, and the more partnerships like this that we can build, the better.

I’m sure we all have different definitions of a dream client, but we would probably add many of the same attributes to our lists. I thought I would share a few of the top traits of our dream clients.

1. Generous with referrals. We like to have clients who are raving fans. If we are doing well, they tell others about us. I’ve always felt like it’s better for our clients to speak well of us than for us to have to speak well of ourselves. If they are out in the marketplace saying good things about us, it helps us grow our business and hopefully find more partners to work with. We know we’re not perfect, and if an issue does arise on a project, our dream client gives us the opportunity to work things out privately while being open and direct with us.

2. Flexible. We want our clients to be flexible with us, and we have to be adaptable and flexible to fit our clients’ needs. We know that even when it comes to dream clients, they are not all the same.

3. Loyal. We love to work with clients who value the high quality work we do and are loyal to our relationship. We are a multi-discipline firm, so the best clients for us are ones that can use multiple divisions of our work. We may do surveying for them first, then move on to site engineering, GIS and/or traffic and transportation services. If we can provide all of these services as a package, it is a plus for us and the client. We also love clients who come back and work with us on new and different projects later.

4. Shares our values. We have strong values as a company that are very important to us, and when we find clients who share similar values, it usually leads to a successful project and partnership. We can relate well and agree on topics like having a balanced life between work, family, our spiritual lives, community involvement, etc. Operating our business ethically is also very important to us, so we always look for clients who have an ethical practice as well.

5. Willing to build relationships. We are a civil engineering firm, but we’re also in the business of building relationships. We want to get to know our clients on a more personal level. We like to get involved in civic and professional organizations that are important to our clients. It’s very important that we’re able to work alongside clients to help develop personal and professional relationships, so clients who are open to that are a must.

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