Another Step Toward More Women in Engineering

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alicia workingMy youngest son is four years old, and he’s really interested in construction equipment and talking about any type of construction. I tell him he can be involved in construction when he grows up if he goes to college and becomes a civil engineer. He says “I don’t want to be an engineer, because that’s a girl’s job!”

This story makes me feel such pride because by being a female engineer, I have influenced one young mind to think engineering is a girl’s job. Sometimes it’s all about changing one person at a time, and because the perception is that engineering is typically male-dominated, there is a lot of work to do.

There is a big global push right now to encourage females to enter STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math). Congress, politicians, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, companies and individuals are working together to close the gender gap in STEM. Sain Associates has many female engineers in all positions of our company, and we feel we can be a role model to other females considering engineering.

This is why I was happy to run across a newly redesigned website called EngineerGirl, a service of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). At the time, I was actually preparing for our Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. I really enjoyed encouraging the young ladies who attended our event to consider engineering, and I wanted to do more. Becoming involved with this website by having my profile published was the perfect start.

EngineerGirl is full of fantastic information. I wish I had access to such a great resource when I was considering engineering as a career. The website shares profiles of female engineers, stories, experiences, day in the life activities, etc. to help young ladies understand what they would experience in an engineering career. It also allows readers to submit questions to be answered by female engineers in the industry. Females from all engineering fields are included, which is great since the profession is so broad and far reaching. For those who enjoy math and problem solving, there is most likely an engineering field to fit those interests.

Our goal is to do our part to provide information and insight into the fact that even though women are typically a minority in the engineering field, it can be a successful and highly satisfying career for females. Resources such as those provided by the EngineerGirl website will be great tools in helping us and many others in this endeavor.

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