All Hands on Deck at Lake George Fishing Event

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015

IMG_6512_cropWe love getting together with our Sain Associates employees and their families whenever we have the chance. Our most recent event was held at Lake George in Irondale where we all did a little fishing on a Friday evening.

One of the hallmarks of our company is our family friendly culture and our emphasis on work/life balance. When we have events like this we get the opportunity to connect with our employees’ family members. It’s fun to spend time together and build on our work relationships in a relaxed atmosphere. I think it makes us work better as a team in the office when we’ve had some fun together outside of the office.

A little teamwork was actually on the agenda at our fishing event as well. Since we had many staff members gathered in a beautiful setting, we took the opportunity to work on a little project. With the help of the very talented photographer, Lance Lenoir (also our Senior ITS Designer), we did a photoshoot to create custom images that will be used for updating and refreshing our Sain Associates brand.

Img-10There are always a lot of moving parts when it comes to a photoshoot involving multiple people, but Lance has great experience, and he set the shots up quickly and efficiently. Everyone else was cooperative and ready to follow directions, but most importantly, we laughed and had a lot of fun while getting the shots we needed. While it would have been much easier to purchase stock photography downloaded from a website to use for our branding images, we liked the idea of having our staff in the pictures. This way they are much more personal and a true representation of who we are and what we do. To symbolize this, we literally used our hands to create these images.

One of our corporate values is that through our work, we build strong personal relationships. Hands are a really good symbol of the ways in which people connect. Each set of hands is unique, and this speaks to the unique set of qualities that each one of our employees brings to the work that we do. Our work also has a very collaborative nature, which is something else we want to convey with the images of hands.

Our overall turnout for the event was great with many employees, spouses, children and even dogs in attendance. We enjoyed our time together fishing, grilling hotdogs, visiting and of course, completing our photoshoot. We are very excited about how the photos turned out and can’t wait to share more about our latest branding efforts over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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