Spreading the Love: Part II

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By: Nathan Currie, P.E.

In a previous post on June 20, 2017, Spreading the Love, I wrote about my family and the role that adoption has played in the growth of our family. I described being the lucky dad of two beautiful daughters, and I mentioned the possibility of adding another child to our family in the future. I’m thankful now to introduce my first son and the fifth member of the family, James Anderson Currie. Anderson, as we’ll call him, was adopted domestically late last fall and he’s been with us since that point. He’s doing well, and we’ve loved welcoming him into our family! If you’d like to hear a few of the details about the adoption story, please read on below. Here is the summary as told by my wife, Kim.

We decided early in the process to pursue domestic adoption through Faithful Adoption Consultants. A consultant serves as a liaison between adoption agencies and potential adoptive parents. In domestic adoption you are primarily matched by the mother selecting you based on a profile book consisting of pictures and facts about your family. Our consultant sent our profile book to multiple agencies and in July 2017 we were chosen by a mom in Texas, with a baby due in mid-September. For privacy purposes, we’ll call her Tina. We formed a relationship with Tina and even visited her in Texas. Just before giving birth, Tina backed out of the adoption. While this was really difficult for us and also a shock, God gave us His supernatural peace that this was His good plan for us and He had another child for us. We don’t know the end of the story for Tina, but we’re hopeful that she’s parenting her little boy and doing well.

One of the hardest things about the failed adoption was starting over in the selection process. Thankfully two weeks later, we were matched with another mom (we’ll call her Leah) that was due in just 11 days with a baby boy. He surprised us by coming only 6 days later! We flew out as soon as possible, having not slept a wink that night, and got to meet him about 12 hours after he was born. Just as any mother would feel, Anderson was and is the most precious bundle of a miracle. He was a little runt weighing only five and half pounds. We were enamored with him from the start and grow crazier about him each day.



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