Access Management, Part 2: What Sain is doing

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Last week we defined access management, and discussed why it’s so important.

Research conducted by recognized transportation entities such as the Texas Transportation Institute and others note effective access management has shown positive results when implemented in terms of roadway capacity (increased by 25%-45%), traffic crashes (reduced by 50%) and land values (maintained or increased).

This is important because states do not have the money to build our way out of congestion.  Access management preserves capacity along roadways.

In fact, in developing a corridor access plan for the City of Phenix City, Alabama, Sain calculated a recaptured available roadway capacity equating to 20 years of traffic growth simply by applying good access management best practices.

Sain Associates is also part of the project team developing Alabama Department of Transportation’s (ALDOT) statewide Access Management Manual. A “Draft” has been submitted for client review.

Additionally, we have developed multiple corridor specific access management plans across the state for both ALDOT and local municipalities.

Currently, we are developing four corridor specific access plans in South Alabama (Baldwin/Mobile Counties).  This summer, we will be presenting our US 280 (Phenix City) Access Management Plan at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) 10th National Conference on Access Management that will be held in Dallas, Texas.

Sain Associates, Inc., is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices in Cullman, Alabama, Pulaski, Tennessee and Mandeville, Louisiana. Sain is a site engineering, traffic/transportation engineering and planning and land surveying firm with experience in more than thirty states.

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